Some of the world’s most expensive tasting menus

Need to splash some cash somewhere? Why not book a table at one of these restaurants below and experience something truly delectable. Tasting menu’s don’t come cheap, but the range of flavours and the chance to experience more of the chef’s repertoire is worth it for many. So where to go if you’re really looking to drop some ching and enjoy the great tastes of the best tasting menus?

Masa, in New York

Masa Restaurant in the heart of NYC offers a 25 course tasting menu priced at $400. At Masa Restaurant, what you see, hear, touch, smell, and taste all spring from the same complex sensibility – the ideas of shibui and umami. Masa is shibui: simplicity devoid of unnecessary elements, and the honest presentation of materials. Masa is umami: the basic essence or flavour inherent in each ingredient. Sounds very Zen indeed! Seeing that you are splashing out, why not order a bottle of extraordinary, fine and rare 10 year old sake priced at $1400 a bottle.

masa Some of the worlds most expensive tasting menus


Guy Savoy in Paris

Guy Savoy is a three-Michelin-starred ambassador of French gastronomy. The man is also a passionate art lover who displays works from his collection of modern and contemporary artists, including paintings by Bram van Velde and Pierre Alechinski and a sculpture by Jean-Pierre Rives, for the enjoyment of diners. In the kitchen, Guy Savoy is a magician. His philosophy is “cooking is the art of transforming history-rich ingredients into pleasure in an instant”. You can experience his handy work for only $402. I wonder what makes the menu $2 more pricey than Masa?

savoy Some of the worlds most expensive tasting menus

Alain Ducasse Plaza Athenee

Opulence? Alain Ducasse might have invented the word. If you want a top-notch dining experience in a rarefied atmosphere, Alain Ducasse au Plaza Athenée will offer you that and way more. Luxury don’t come cheap however. A tasting menu will cost you $437.

atee Some of the worlds most expensive tasting menus

L’Arpege in Paris

Imagine a chef talking to the turnips he is cooking for your dinner. This is exactly what happens in the kitchen Chef Alain Passard. For only $466 Alain will showcases his brilliant mastery of vegetables and his “slow, slow” way with fish and chicken.

foods Some of the worlds most expensive tasting menus

Now who wouldn’t want to give some of these tasting menus a try and see if you really get what you pay for? Table for two please!