Sommelier Reviews The Wine Made By Kylie Minogue

It’s a risky move to release a rosé when you have a song called ‘Fine’ right there, ready to be referenced.

Then again, there’s also ‘Wow’, ‘Drunk’, ‘Love’, ‘Golden’, ‘The One’, ‘Obsession’ and ‘Koocachoo’, which isn’t really relevant here but is worth pointing out. All and none of these words describe Kylie Minogue’s signature rosé, which, after being released in May in the UK, is finally available in Australian stores.

Minogue was recently on Jesse Ware’s Table Manners podcast for a feast, which was the perfect opportunity to spruik her latest wine: a Côtes de Provence rosé, which, for the record, she says can be drunk with an ice cube, something she might have picked up playing Epponnee-Raelene Kathleen Darlene Charlene Craig on Kath & Kim.

Just like the first ladies of Fountain Lakes, Minogue is also a fan of abbreviations: at home, she calls it the ‘CDP’, and while she’s not a weeknight drinker usually, she and partner Paul Solomons have been known to ask each other if they should crack into the KM CDP.

But there’s a snag here: what we’re drinking in Australia —  or what we’re posing with for Instagram stories  — isn’t the luxury KM CDP.

We’re actually a little late to the game, which has caused some confusion. The signature vin de France KM that’s just arrived in Australia is what she launched in the UK back in May, and was sold exclusively at Tesco’s for £9.90 —  just in time for ex-pats, LGBTIQ+ people and those of taste (not mutually exclusive) to have handy across the park-drinking season. And now, as Spring has sprung and Melbourne’s lockdowns recede, Australia enters the day-drinking season armed with the KM (priced between $21-$30, depending on sellers).

To test it out, I tried the wine in a variety of summer situations — and sought out the knowledge of sommelier Ella Stening.