Sommelier`s Choice Part 2 brought to you by Creation Wines

For the next couple of weeks Creation Wines will be featuring a number of selected sommeliers from restaurants around the world. Each will choose their favourite Creation wine, tell us why they prefer it and recommend a matching dish. This week we welcome the talented Spencer Fondaumiere from Cape Town’s Italian-inspired Burrata in Woodstock.2016_25_wine.jpg

Spencer says:

An outstanding feature of Burrata is the attention to detail. This is evident in the pizza oven which was hand-built by a third-generation family-owned business in Naples, but also in the handpicked wines on our wine list.

The Creation Sauvignon Blanc is a textbook cool climate wine with crisp acidity and lots of freshness. It has an abundance of tropical fruit aromas (with the granadilla most prominent) and a lingering finish with a slightly grassy aftertaste. The wine is ideally served at 10 to 12 degrees Celsius in a tall,  narrow-rimmed cold cut crystal glass such as the Riedel Sauvignon Blanc glass to get the most of the aromas. To read further,
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Karen Tran at Creation Wines

We recently had the honour of hosting world-renowned florist, Karen Tran, at Creation. Karen not only enjoyed The Art of Creation Chardonnay and the Tapas Wine Pairing but also the beautiful Madiba proteas that were in full bloom during her visit. Click here to view the clip featured on SABC3 Top Billing.

A taste of harvest

In the happy spirit of harvest, the culinary team at Creation are presently offering a few special dishes with fermenting must or wine as an ingredient. Among them are the irresistible Sauvignon Blanc ‘Mosbrood’ (Grape Must Bread) and the equally seductive Pork Rillette with Pinot Noir Jelly. Click here for the recipes.