Soon you’ll be able to eat your empty bottles

According to the Daily Mail, scientists developed an edible material that can taste like the drink inside.

The product, a membrane created using a biodegradable plastic combined with food particles, could either be peeled off or potentially eaten whole.

Up until now, experts at Harvard University have filled an orange membrane with orange juice, a tomato-flavored enclosure with gazpacho and grape packages with wine.

They still have to create a bottle with the WikiCells but according to biomedical engineer Dr David Edwards a prototype will be created soon.

‘In the near term, we will be encountering WikiCells in restaurant settings’ as a novelty item,’ he said.

Prof Edwards plans to expand WikiCells to speciality stores and supermarkets and wants to develope a WikiCells machine that would allow individuals to produce their own edible bottles.

He told Harvard Crimson that People in a village in Africa could become plastic bottle-free and make things for themselves. He believes this is really exciting from a humanitarian point of view.