Sous-vide Fun: Unique Ingredient-Liquor Combinations You Should Try Out

Since its discovery by Bruno Goussalt and George Pralus, sous-vide has come a long way from being used for meals to create scrumptious cocktails. Drinks, liquor, and cocktails are always a fun part of an evening out. So in the interest of discovering new flavours, what are some unique ingredient/liquor infusion combinations are worth trying out? 

Jalapeño + Tequila

How to Make Jalapeno Tequila 4 Sous vide Fun: Unique Ingredient Liquor Combinations You Should Try Out

A jalapeño-infused tequila generally uses only two ingredients: jalapeño and tequila. So you will need a reliable sous-vide machine to help you get just the right temperature. Best to check if your sous-vide machine has a reliable water capacity and temperature range so you can get the required 74°C. Depending on how much seed you allow to sit in the water bath, you can have a truly spicy or mildly spicy drink. Either way, using jalapeño and 100% agave tequila ensures that you’re consuming something completely natural and safe.

Gingerbread + Martini

gingerbread martini Sous vide Fun: Unique Ingredient Liquor Combinations You Should Try Out

If you prefer something that’s got sweetness and not just bite, a gingerbread-infused martini is a delicious dessert-type cocktail. Infusing gingerbread ingredients can take a while, roughly 12 hours, so you’ll want to make this one well ahead of serving time. It requires a higher temperature of 80°C so—once again—make sure that your sous-vide machine can get the temperature range right so you don’t end up with something tasting a little burnt. Serve with ice and a cinnamon stick and you have an aromatic yet flavourful liquor to end your day with.

Fig + Bourbon

 Sous vide Fun: Unique Ingredient Liquor Combinations You Should Try Out

Made famous by the glamorous TV series Mad Men, spiced fig bourbon has a loyal following around the world. While it may take a bit of effort on your side, the result is worth it as it comes with a syrup-like base with hints of berry that goes well with the bass tones of bourbon. If you want your spiced fig bourbon to have depth, try adding vanilla extract to the fig infusion and have it cook a minimum of 3 hours. For best results, have it cook overnight. Figs are great with cinnamon, cloves, and bay leaves and star anise. Each adds a dulcet tone to compliment the bourbon and you have a drink that registers pride and accomplishment.

The interesting thing about sous-vide is that once you’ve got the general gist of infusing flavours, you open up a whole new world of cocktails to create. It’s best to master a few cocktails until you’re fully satisfied before you voyage beyond your comfort zone. So that way even if your new experiments come out a bit wonky, you’ll have established cocktails to comfort you.