South Africa Has The Cheapest Beer In The World According To Report

South Africa has the cheapest beer in the world even though the price of beer was increased by finance minister Tito Mboweni when presenting his 2021 Budget speech.

According to research conducted by the financial website Expensivity, other countries have more expensive beer than South Africa.

In South Africa, beer costs about R25 per 330 ml bottle, on average.

Qatar has the most expensive beer in the world. The average price of beer is R168.

The website sourced its findings from looking at prices of a 330ml bottle of beer in supermarkets across the world, using online shops. They focused on well-known beer brands such as Corona and Heineken.

The research also revealed that South Africans are the world’s ninth biggest beer drinkers, while Haiti drinks the least beer, counted per bottle or per spend.

The report also notes that most of the countries with a low beer intake can credit their predominantly Muslim populations for the abstinence.

The website listed the following countries as the cheapest countries to buy beer from:

South Africa $1.68

Ukraine $1.76

Argentina $1.79

Bosnia $1.96

Ghana $2.05

Tunisia $2.09

Georgia $2.3

North Macedonia $2.34

Chile $2.40

Czech Republic $2.49

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