South African Comedian Launches His Own “Feeling Good Feeling Positive” Pinotage

Comedian, actor and TV presenter and wine connoisseur? Funnyman Schalk Bezuidenhout will soon be adding the latter title to his resume with the release of his own wine.

In collaboration with De Kleine Wijn Koöp, Schalkie’s first wine features 2 “kolletjies” on the o, so you know that it’s fancy! With subtle hints of grapes and alcohol, the Feeling Good Feeling Positive Pinotage will leave you with exactly that feeling. It’s in the name.

The artist annouched the release of his pinotage on facebook saying:

Mense… this has been a long time coming. Introducing the Feeling Good Feeling Positive Pinotage. We have bottled a first batch and have VERY limited ‘kissies’ available. ‘Kissie’ is the Afrikaans word for today and basically means a doos of 6 bottles of wine. It works out to R120 a bottle. R70 would make you feel good, but not positive. R170 would make you feel good and positive, but also maybe a bit ripped off. So it’s somewhere in the middle. I’m going to gooi in free delivery… just because I can. The winemaker’s name is Wynand. WYNand, mense!!!! He was literally fokken named after the thing he now makes. It’s destiny. I now realize we should have just called it the Feeling Good Feeling Pinotage, but oh well. Life is full of missed opportunities #drinkresponsibly

You can order a box of Schalkie’s Feeling Good Feeling Positive Pinotage online.