South Africa`s Most Fattening Beers, Wine, Cocktails and Shooters

Irrespective on where you stand on the fat vs carbs debate on weight loss and health, most people agree that alcohol is a big no-no if you’re serious about losing weight.

While some drinks – such as a glass of wine with dinner – have shown to be beneficial to one’s health, typically the booze we drink while out with friends or watching the game at home on the weekend, does us no favours around the belly.

South Africa has some of the heaviest drinkers in the world, with the World Health Organisation ranking it 29th in terms of litres of alcohol consumed per capita.

According to the WHO, South Africans consume 11 litres of alcohol a year, spread across the entire population. When looking at only those who actually consume alcohol, this shoots up to 27.1 litres – far higher than some of the biggest drinking nations.

Research has shown that people who drink a lot will struggle to shed weight, and over the long term are more likely to gain weight. While scientist are hesitant to state it outright, there are clear links between heavy drinking and obesity.

While by no means the only factor, South Africa’s penchant for getting boozed up is, at the very least, helping the country maintain its crown as the fattest nation in Africa.

BusinessTech has compiled a non-exhaustive list of 20 of South African booze favourites – including beers, ciders and coolers – and what a single bottle of these drinks is adding to your daily intake.