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South Africa’s Sushi Scandal

You may have missed this piece of world news today. South Africa’s governing party has declared that eating sushi off the body of a model in a bikini is “politically incorrect,” according to the AP. What led up to this announcement? In recent months, wealthy South African businessmen and socialites had been engaging in “nyotaimori,” the practice of serving sashimi or sushi on a woman’s body. It became a national — and eventually international — story when some high-level officials reportedly attended a party that included nyotaimori this past weekend. ANC Secretary General Gwede Mantashe said in a statement that “this act is defamatory, insensitive and undermining of woman’s integrity,” and we oppose it.

The Times, a South African publication, has been watching this scandal unfold for months. Here, a timeline of the events that have led up to today’s announcement.

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