Spaghetti Ice Cream Has Landed In Melbourne

It looks like pasta, but German spaghettieis is actually the perfect dessert.

You might think it was invented for the era of Instagram, but spaghetti ice cream, or spagetthieis, as it’s known in Germany, has been around for decades. It was invented in the city of Manheim, in 1969, by Dario Fontanella, the son of an Italian migrant.

Vanilla ice cream is passed through a machine to make it look like pasta, then covered with strawberry sauce (the “Bolognese”) and sprinkled with white chocolate (the Parmesan). This is how Rovena Xeba learned to make it when she worked in an ice cream shop in Germany. “It’s very common there. If you find a German and ask them if they know spaghettieis, they’ll say yes right away!” she tells SBS Food. “I’m proud to say we’re the first shop to bring it here.”