Sparkling wine lifts the spirits

If you want to know which of your friends is really into wine, check their refrigerator. If you find a chilled bottle of sparkling wine just waiting to be opened for no particular reason, chances are they are wine freaks.

Some 30 years down the wine path, I’m still baffled by consumer resistance to drink sparkling wine on a regular basis. It’s almost as if we dare not be seen consuming a product widely associated with “celebrating” something.

Confounding the issue is sparkling wine’s extremely versatility to make almost any food taste better. Beyond that, it appears to have an innate ability to lift the spirit of the sipper — something we could all use in a challenging economy. Okay, it’s not as if I think you should drink to forget, but a glass or two of sparkling wine a couple of times per week should not be out of the realm of possibility.

Spanish and French consumers are both excellent role models when it comes to embracing bubble, no matter what the occasion. Could it be they know something we don’t?

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