Sunday Roast for R200 at Iron Steak and Bar

Like any good Sunday roast, our main attraction is our roast prime-rib, crusted with rosemary, thyme, salt and pepper. Our meat is grass-fed, organic and dry-aged and has been smoked over Namibian charcoal for up to 12 hours. Fill up your plate with honey roasted root vegetables, some family style potatoes (which has been cooked in duck fat, mmmh do we have your attention yet?), beef dripping Yorkshire pudding and our famous homemade gravy.

To end things off allow us to treat you to a South African classic, Malva pudding (before you ask, we won’t share our recipe), and a scoop of the one and only sea-salted caramel ice-cream from Unframed.

Our family roast will have live entertainment so dad won’t need to “work on his guitar skills“ in front of the whole family.

2 course meal – R199 per person + 10% gratuity.

Limited availability of roast.
Bookings are essential



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