Starbucks Bans Employees From Wearing Engagement Rings

Several weeks ago, while waiting for my go-to Italian roast to be brewed by Starbucks’ fancy new Clover machine, I complimented the barista for her pretty, coral manicure. “Shh, I’m not supposed to even have my nails done!” she replied. “It’s gel, but manicures are against dress code, because they’re afraid polish may chip into the drinks.” Huh? In over a decade of patronizing the chain, I’d never heard that one! Weird.

Well, now, Starbucks’ dress code has gotten even more ridiculous. This week, they’ve debuted a few new, stringent rules about what employees absolutely cannot wear to work. The biggest jaw-dropper: Engagement rings.

A new infographic offered to employees notes that jewelry and food safety go hand-in-hand:

There are food safety rules we have to live by. Here’s the fine print — wearing a ring is okay if it’s a plain band, no stones. Unfortunately, no watches, bracelets, or wristbands are allowed. Simple necklaces can be worn under your clothes.