Starbucks Barista Refuses to Call Out Trump Name on Coffee Cup

Customers seem to love getting a rise out of Starbucks baristas, “tricking” them into writing Merry Christmas on red cups and calling themselves Beyonce.

According The American Mirror, former Happy Days actor and Donald Trump supporter Scott Baio tried to get in on the time-honored tradition, but his barista apparently wasn’t interested in playing along.

In a tweet on Saturday, Baio posted a picture of a Starbucks cup with “Trump” scrawled across the side. “Got wife a coffee(I’ve never had a cup)The barista refused to call out name,” he writes, tagging Trump’s Twitter handle and #MustBeABernieVoter.

International coffee giant Starbucks isn’t too friendly with the conservative presidential frontrunner Donald Trump. The company is one of the food and beverage world’s biggest contributors to Democratic campaigns and recently dropped full page ads in The New York Times and Wall Street Journal vaguely calling out tactics used by the Trump campaign.

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