Start-up company claims it can age your whiskey by three years in just 24 hours

A new start-up company purporting to help whiskey drinkers age their favourite tipple in just 24 hours has raised over $130,000 to help make the idea an entrepreneurial success story.

Time and Oak has developed a product that allows drinkers to customise the flavour and improve the quality of cheaper whiskey by aging it the equivalent of three years in a single day.

The laser-etched, charred wooden sticks, dubbed Whiskey Elements, claim to be a “redesign” of the traditional whiskey barrel and enable a process described as “accelerated transpiration through capillary action”.

Time and Oak claims that Whiskey Elements reduce levels of methoxy-phenyl-oxime and acetaldehyde, making the alcohol akin to top-shelf aged whiskeys. They also come in five flavours: oak, vanilla, maple, smoke and peat.