Step-up your Gin and Tonic game with Secco freeze dried fruits

Gin and tonic is undoubtedly a classic drink. Classics are classics for a reason, yet sometimes it pays off to add a twist.

For an extra touch of fun, try serving the drink with Secco, a blend of specially selected freeze dried fruit and spices. Secco’s freeze-dried fruits are lightweight, nutritious and delicious. They are 100% pure and retain many of the natural nutritional, flavour and colour characteristics from their fresh form.

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Secco is currently available in these tasty flavours:

Citrus Cinnamon
Pepper Berry
Raspberry Rose Hibiscus
Spiced Fig

Simply add it to a glass and top it up with your favourite G&T, cocktail or soft drink to infuse it with flavour.

Secco is the perfect drink for any season and is currently available at select craft liquor stores, select Tops At Spar, and YuppieChef.