Stoli Partnered With Atomic Blonde Movie to Reintroduce the Vodka to Consumers

Charlize Theron stomps around Berlin in stylish garb and giant sunglasses, fights anyone with anything she can—a heel, a fridge door—shoots guns, flips cars, jumps off a balcony, and drinks lots and lots of Stolichnaya vodka in the action film Atomic Blonde. To be exact: Theron asks for Stoli twice, and the brand is placed a total of eight times throughout the film, which premiered on July 28, has already garnered $44 million at the domestic box office, and is still playing in over 3,000 theaters across the country.

How did Stoli get such prime placement with the first female James Bond of sorts, starring one of the most recognizable faces in Hollywood?

Roughly 18 months ago Stoli’s marketing team got word that Theron would star in a new action film and that the production was looking for a vodka to feature. The film was set in 1989 Berlin, so the vodka needed to be a global brand that had already been established. Given the film’s “unapologetic, original, bold and edgy” tone, which “embodied the brand values” of Stoli, it was the perfect time to try something new: a co-branded partnership with a film, explained Russ Pareti, vp of marketing for Stoli Group USA.

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