Nic Kostouros is the integrated creative director of South African agency Promise, which uses insights and data to drive their creative work for major brands. He shares how his team drew inspiration from simple marketing tactics to solve a socioeconomic problem for Castle Lite in Tanzania.


Brands are lining up their wares for dry January – last week Heineken released a glitzy spot for its non-alcoholic beer drawing on the premise that it’s superstitious to say ‘cheers’ unless you have a drink that at least looks like alcohol in your hand. And now Corona has arrived with an unexpectedly quirky spot for its new Sunbrew beer.


Making the half pint cool again for beer drinking weight watchers. With this beer glass you can get a literal half pint in a traditional British pint glass (flared tulip lip and all) that looks like it has been cut in half from top to bottom.


With over 90 million Americans consuming it, beer is among the top three most consumed beverages together with tea and water. Some people also promote it as the perfect post-workout drink, although it can be slightly dehydrating. That will make you wonder whether it’s as helpful as other post-workout beverages like protein shakes, electrolyte drinks, and water. In this article, we discuss whether a beer is ideal for athletes and people who exercise casually.


In an age when many of us want cleaner cosmetics products minus the harmful ingredients of decades past, a group of Italian scientists say they’ve discovered antioxidant power in some craft beers that may respond to two tell-tale signs of aging skin.


The Whitfields of Loxtonia have a treasure trove of family recipes developed over more than 30 years on their Ceres apple farm. With the holiday season almost here, they will be whipping up delicious eats sure to satisfy friends and family. Their juicy Pale Ale Cider-braised pulled pork sandwiches are a winner every time.

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You know what your favorite beer is, but how does it stack up against other beer drinkers’ tastes? One company may have your answer, after they’ve compiled a list of the world’s most-searched beer brands on Google. Some of these winners might surprise you.


This Bud?s NOT for you... because it?s been damaged falling out of a truck


B.O.T. isn?t coming to a backyard near you soon?but it very well could reach your social media feed


Budweiser beer has created a candle that evokes the scent of a backyard barbecue. The beer giant teamed up with Homesick to celebrate the perfect American pairing, food straight from the grill, and an ice-cold Bud with friends, resulting in the aptly named Backyard BBQ candle.   

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Beer is one of the world’s oldest prepared beverages, possibly dating back to the early Neolithic or 9500 BC, when cereal was first farmed, and is recorded in the written history of ancient Iraq and ancient Egypt. Archaeologists speculate that beer was instrumental in the formation of civilizations