Making sumptuous cocktails is simple with the #BittersForBeginners video series

Angostura aromatic bitters has launched a #BittersForBeginners video tutorial series to show everyone just how quick and easy it is to make the most delicious bittered mocktails and cocktails!


Flavour Pairing with Bitters

All bitters differ slightly in their sweet, citrus and spice characteristics but for centuries Angostura aromatic bitters have been found to be the perfect balance of all three with no one aroma descriptor dominating its flavour.


The Benefits Of Bitters

Bitters are a liquid extraction of seeds, herbs, bark, roots, flowers, leaves and the fruit of various plants dissolved in alcohol.


That Extra Dash with George Hunter

This year Angostura aromatic bitters is following the journey of some of the country’s top barmen as That Extra Dash explores the world of cocktails and what it takes to make it in the industry.


How to properly use Jagermeister in cocktails

As cocktails with Jagermeister begin to appear on cocktail menus around the country, some of us might be wondering how to make a proper jagermeister cocktail .


How to make a Jägermeister Black Mojito

Here’s another one to add to your Mojito recipe files – a Black Mojito, brought to you by Aspri Spirits.


Jägermeister hosts the world`s first gig on land, sea and air

Jägermeister has hosted what is thought to be the world’s first gig on land, sea and air in collaboration with Matt Tuck, lead singer of rock band Bullet For My Valentine.


Fudgy Jagermeister Brownies

If you like Jägermeister herbal liqueur, then you’ll love these very chewy brownies.


Jägermeister Launches Smartphone App

German herbal spirit Jägermeister has launched its first UK smartphone application for iPhone and Android.