3-Ingredient Thanksgiving Cocktail Recipes

Planning your Thanksgiving drinks menu can be totally intimidating when you’re the one behind the bar. Imagine using just three ingredients to make some of your holiday cocktails. Apart from saving money and time, your stress level will be manageable if you add some of these super simple drinks recipes to your Thanksgiving cocktail menu.


The Best Drinks To Sip On During A TV Series Binge

If you are not up for a night out on town and prefer to rather crawl up on the couch for a proper binge, there are plenty of shows that will make you feel like you’re at a party.


Low-Alcohol Drinks Are The Ultimate Refreshment For Summer

Those warm summer days are back and now’s the perfect time to sit back, relax and let the bitters do the talking… with the ultimate summer refreshment in hand – the Angostura Rock Shandy!


How To Make Your Own Pomegranate Wine

It’s not just simply delicious, it good for you as well! Known throughout Europe and Asia as a symbol of royalty, fertility and hope, the pomegranate is also associated with procreation and abundance. The word pomegranate is of French origin and means “seeded apple,” most likely due to the fact that each fruit contains over 800 seeds.


The History Of The Classical And Simply Irresistible B52

The B-52, one of the most popular shot drinks, was invented in the 70s by Peter Fich, a head bartender at the Banff Springs Hotel in Banff, Alberta. Fich named all of his new drinks after favourite bands, albums and songs, and he named the drink after the band of the same name.


The Rising Trend Of Salty Cocktails

As the late Kingsley Amis – Martin’s dad – once declared, “Drink is a contentious subject.” Take the world of cocktails, ever torn by unresolved controversies that may appear minor to the outsider but are of paramount importance to serious drinkers.


Adding Herbs to Your Favorite Cocktails

When thinking of cocktails, many people focus on the alcohol that they include. Although alcohol is one of the major ingredients, it’s possible to take yours up a notch by adding a variety of other ingredients. Additions like garnishes, adornments for the rim of the glass, herb-infused syrups, and bitters may all alter the taste and flavor of your favorite cocktails. 


Espresso With A Dash Of Kraken

If you love a little coffee flavour then the Kraken Espresso might make a welcome change from the usual. With the spice of Kraken Rum, the Almond-y taste of Amaretto, a little Vodka and finishing with a good jolt of Espresso, you’ll be surprised at how well they work together.


Creative cocktails, sustainability the big trend this summer

Sustainability, fresh produce and a lot of creative flair are the secrets for on-trend cocktails this season.


Cafe Mexicano Cocktail

Make your own Cafe Mexicano with a Diablo twist.


Shake it up and make something beautiful to drink.