How To Dress For A Cocktail Party

Have you been invited to a cocktail party and don’t know how to choose your attire? You are definitely not alone in this. Worry not, though. We have compiled a few simple tips that will help you pick the right attire for the occasion. 


Start Your Day Like A Supermodel With Cindy Crawford’s Smoothie

Cindy Crawford has been sharing various bits of ‘stay at home’ inspiration during lockdown, and the latest is her recipe for her morning smoothie.

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How to Celebrate World Mimosa Day

16 May marks World Mimosa Day. This sunshine-yellow cocktail is a popular one at celebrations and summer events and its simple, classic combination of ingredients is a please-all option if you’re planning a get-together with family or friends.


The Best Cocktails To Make With Tonic Water

Gin is probably the first thing that springs to mind when it comes to tonic water but it’s not the only way to use this bar staple.

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The Liquid Diet – Understanding the Facts vs Trends

The liquid diet isn’t the most exciting diet plan in the world, but it can be effective if you want to lose weight quickly. It was first made popular by an endorsement from Oprah Winfrey in 1988, who appeared on stage proclaiming she’d lost 67 pounds of fat whilst following the diet. Does it work? Will you keep the weight off long-term? Let’s find out.


World Cocktail Day: Anyone Can Make A Day Of It, With Or Without Alcohol

We’ve been in lockdown for so long we’ve forgotten what a good cocktail tastes like. And what’s more, we’re running out of spirits at home! So, what’s the alternative?

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How To Make A Poorman’s Aperol Spritz

The spike in Aperol consumption caused a price hike over recent years, making it almost unaffordable to consume on the regular. With budgets being tight, it’s time to cut costs, but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy everyone’s favourite Italian cocktail. With just a few essentials, you can enjoy an easy to make spritz that looks like an Aperol but won’t break the bank.


Last Round Of Rum Before The World Stopped

At the far end of my plane ticket awaited rum paradise. It’s a long trek from my motherland in Africa to the tropical islands of Trinidad & Tobago in the Caribbean. I was obviously by no means the first of my part of the world to undertake this journey, but unlike some of my enslaved predecessors, I was more than willing.

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7 Interesting Variants Of Mojitos You Can Make At Home

The best summer cooler, Mojitos are loved worldwide for their refreshing taste.


Natura Cherry Cooler Mocktail

Whether it’s for your guests or yourself, it’s always a good idea to add a fun and refreshing Natura mocktail from Leopard’s Leap into the mix.


Shake it up and make something beautiful to drink.