Death Row Shooter

The Death Row is a silent killer. An unlikely match of flavours that work in perfect, refreshing harmony.


3 Las Vegas Cocktails You Can’t Get Anywhere Else

If you are a Vegas regular, then you’ve already seen people walking along the Strip with larger than life refreshments. Even when you think you’ve tasted them all, there are so many other drinks you have yet to try. Few places beat Sin City when it comes to extraordinary and unique experiences and these three drinks are no exception.


How to Infuse Your Watermelon with Booze

Watermelon cocktails are perfect for summer—bright, light, sweet, and refreshing, they can go from juicy to slushy, and they’re all dangerously delicious. But if the idea of eating your alcohol sounds more amazing than terrifying, you’ve probably wondered how to achieve what seems like the impossible: a drunken watermelon.


4th Of July Shots and Cocktails

Deciding what to drink over the 4th of July weekend can be a trail. With red, white and blue being the colour of the moment, these patriotic cocktails and Independence Day shots will add a spark to your party.


How To Make Whiskey Sour Jello Shots

Jelly shots are fun and they’re even better when the recipe is based on one of your favourite drinks. That’s exactly what you’ll find here: the classic whiskey sour drink adapted into a jello shot! It’s great for a party and really easy to make.


The Jim Morrison Cocktail

Mixing your own Jim Morrison Cocktail is easy.


Celebrating the birthplace of Piña Colada

The piña colada is a cocktail synonymous with the beach. But have you ever wondered which beach?


Celebrate Chocolate Eclair Day With These Choc Friendly Cocktails

It’s a real day, like Pinocchio is a real boy.


Delicious Drinks You Need to Try When you Visit Thailand

Thailand is an Asian country that is well known for its beautiful beaches and ancient culture. Well, the drinks in Thailand follow suit. We have amazing and tasty drinks in Thailand that can quench your thirst.


The Negroni Cocktail Celebrates 100 Years Of Iconicness

The Negroni is celebrating its 100th birthday this year. Over the past century, one of the world’s most iconic cocktails has stood the test of time to achieve cult status.

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