How to make a Celery Sour

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One of the world’s most underrated vegetables tastes great in this Leopard’s Leap cocktail.


7 Two-ingredient Cocktails That Taste and Sound Fancy

Making drinks at home can be intimidating. First of all, booze isn’t cheap, so stocking a home bar takes time and money. Then, there’s the fact that most drinks call for more than just one type of alcohol.


3 Cocktails Named After Famous Women

It’s Women’s History Month, with March 8 being International Women’s Day. It’s a period when we reflect on the contributions of women to the world’s history and society.

In celebration of all things #GirlPower, we look at women who have had a drink named after them, for reasons ranging from the innocent to the notorious.


Top 5 Cocktail Trends You’ll See In 2019

Cocktail drinkers have much to look forward to in 2019—with many surprising ingredients and unusual pairings in store, according to the annual Culinary + Cocktail Trends Forecast launched by Kimpton Hotels & Restaurants earlier this month.


The Botanique Hand-chique Cocktail

Make your own Botanique Hand-chique Cocktail


The UK’s Most Popular Cocktails

Cocktails are one of the UK’s most popular alcoholic drinks and no matter where you go in the country, there is bound to be a cocktail bar nearby. In 2016 alone, over 39 billion pounds was spent by the UK public on alcohol consumption, including cocktails. This is becoming an increasingly popular business, with trained mixologists being taught exactly how to perfect the most amazing techniques to create perfect cocktails every time.


Kahlua launches Espresso Martini in a can

There’s nothing like an espresso martini to get you in the mood for a night out and now you can enjoy the iconic cocktail from the comfort of your own home this weekend.


The Quintessential Daiquiri

I found myself browsing some historically forgotten cocktails the other day and came across a list of drinks deemed “The Most Underrated Cocktails”. A list compiled of elixirs, who for no other reason, but that they were no longer popular in a time where the evolution of the drinks culture as we know it today was on a rapid rise.


Cocktails To Pair With The Best Picture Nominees At The 91st Academy Awards

Time to get your glamour on and fill out the ballots. Just because you’re not attending Sunday’s 91st annual Academy Awards, doesn’t mean you can’t get in the spirit with some clever, cinema-inspired cocktails. We enlisted the help of Manny Hinojosa, the Brentwood-based global brand ambassador for Bacardi’s Tequila Cazadores, to create cocktails inspired by this year’s Best Picture nominees.


Sweetheart’s Smoothie Wine Cocktail Recipe

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For some, romance lies in grand gestures, extravagant gifts and passionate declarations. For others, it is the everyday small things they do to make their loved one smile. For some, romance does not come naturally. These unromantic souls resort to corny cards and overpriced chocolates and their attempts feel forced and nothing about the process is smooth and seductive.

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Shake it up and make something beautiful to drink.