What Hobbies Can You Find In Quarantine?

Even though most countries declare full restrictions due to the spread of COVID-19 and are even moving to resumption between countries, some European countries are not going to leave the lockdown. In particular, in Germany, cafes, restaurants, as well as cinemas, and beauty salons have been closed since December. Denmark until January 17 restricts entry and exit from the country, Poland is also not going to leave quarantine yet.


Everything You Need To Know About Different Types Of Steak

Steak is a very well-loved dish in most countries. It’s hearty and filling, and you can have it grilled to your liking. Not to mention that it pairs nicely with some wine. Another plus is that there are so many types of steak, so you always have something new to try if you get bored with your usual order. It’s no surprise that steak is so popular both as a restaurant dish and an at-home dinner. But for people new to eating steak, it can be quite intimidating to have so many options in front of you, and no idea where to begin. That’s why we’ve put together this handy list that will help you understand the differences between the most common types of steak. We’ll be looking at wet aged vs. dry aged, as well as various cuts. 


Amazing Ideas To Enjoy Cocktail Parties In Your Living Room

If you love your booze, the pandemic may be a challenging time for you. While pubs and bars were closed during the lockdown, visiting one isn’t a great idea even when they have reopened now. But it doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t enjoy your beer and vodka, as you can still host a cocktail party in your living room. You can even create a great ambiance just like that in the hottest bar downtown. Thinking outside the box can even give you some cool ideas to make the evening more entertaining and happening. Here are some amazing ideas you can try for enjoying a cocktail party in your living room.


How to Create a Fog Effect for Your Halloween Punch

All you need to create a foggy and spooky Halloween brew is some Dry Ice.


10 Tips To Make Weekend Baking A Breeze

A few weeks into lockdown many of us were whipping and whisking our way to beautiful desserts and it was brilliant! However, when the cake is in the oven and the stack of baking bowls, cake moulds, and piping nozzles are towering over your kitchen sink it can feel less like a hobby and more like a chore.


How to Calculate How Much Soil You Need for Your Garden

Gardens usually thrive when the conditions are ideal for plant growth, and that begins with the soil. If you are new to gardening, you’ve likely heard that good fertile soil is essential. However, the soil volume also matters, especially if you are using planters, raised beds, and pots. The soil calculator will help you get the right amount of soil for your garden.


How To Choose The Right Hydrometer for Homebrewing

Beer is one of our earliest recipes, and arguably one of the earliest elements of “civilization” itself. Needless to say, we’ve been brewing beer for quite some time and aren’t about to stop now!


Apparently, We’ve Been Filling Our Ice Trays Wrong

Whether crafting refreshing cocktails or just filling up a cooler full of cold ones, you’ll need some frozen water on hand. 


Domino’s Reveals Hack To Reheat Pizza In 30 Seconds Without It Going Soggy

If you’ve gone overboard on the pizza size and can’t quite finish it, save it for the next day. But when it comes to reheating, you need to do it right – no one wants a soggy base.


How To Dress For A Cocktail Party

Have you been invited to a cocktail party and don’t know how to choose your attire? You are definitely not alone in this. Worry not, though. We have compiled a few simple tips that will help you pick the right attire for the occasion.