Martha Stewart has bigger plans than CBD products for pets in 2022. The Queen of Craft is opening her first-ever restaurant in Las Vegas. The menu will feature farm-to-table and seasonal dishes curated by the hospitality mogul herself.


Hollywood actor and film producer Mark Wahlberg is launching his own tequila.

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R&B singer Bruno Mars created nine different SelvaRey Rum cocktails to pair with each song on his new album Silk Sonic.


When the general public gets a peek into the inner workings of colossal corporations, we usually aren’t enthused—especially when it comes to companies that are making our food. In the midst of a PR scandal, even the most devout fast-food fans take to social media with opinionated pushback against their beloved restaurants. The combo meals might be popular, but unfortunately for any major fast-food institution, so is their bad press.


Sun Goddess wines — created by Mary J. Blige and Fantinel Winery — have partnered with  Volio Imports as their new, exclusive U.S. importer. The Sun Goddess wine collection, a Sauvignon Blanc and Pinot  Grigio Ramato, encapsulates both love and passion from the sun-kissed vineyards owned by the Fantinel family,  along with Mary J. Blige’s own childhood memories trying to capture the sun’s warmth and energy.  


Mariah Carey faces a trademark battle over the name of her Black Irish drinks brand. This after a group of Irish drinks entrepreneurs are already bottling an alcoholic drink of the same name in Europe.


As if there weren’t enough conflict in the world, a brand-new “cola wars” is bubbling up.


This list contains information about celebrities who probably got married drunk, loosely ranked by fame and popularity. Several famous actors, musicians, and athletes probably got married drunk. Many of these celebrities got married while visiting Las Vegas, while others got married on the beach.


E. Remy Martin & Co is suing rapper 50 Cent’s over his Branson cognac, alleging it infringes Remy Martin’s trade-dress and design-patent rights in its jewel-shaped glass cognac bottle design.


Diplo will be sipping on hard kombucha this summer season. This after the world-famous DJ invested in JuneShine,  one of the leading brands of the hard kombucha craze.