Celebrity Fitness Coach Says It’s Best To Eat A Donut Before A Workout

If you’re not following the hashtag #arnoldsarmy just yet, maybe you should. According to Arnold Aninion, a fitness coach to Hollywood’s rich and famous, the best thing you could eat before a work out is a donut!


5 Easy Tips To Make Smoothies That Are Good For Your Health

Having a well-balanced diet means your body gets the vitamins and minerals it needs. Servings of fresh fruits, vegetables, whole grains, lean proteins, and legumes should be included in all of your meals. 


Best Drinks To Stay Awake All Night

Sometimes you got too much work that you decide to stay awake all night to work and your fear is “How can I write my assignment when I’m so sleepy?”. Suddenly, while working you felt sleep on the desk and the next day you got more work. What if we tell you that there is something that can help you to stay awake all night? 


5 Reasons Why It’s Worth It to Take CBD Today

CBD (cannabidiol) has quickly become one of the hottest products on the market today. You can find CBD-infused coffee, alcohol, and food, CBD-themed spa days, CBD oil tinctures, and other CBD supplement options galore. 


Searching For A Tonic: Is It Possible To Cure A Hangover?

Many regular drinkers will spend a total of two years of their life hungover, according to estimations from a drinking survey reported in Elite Daily. There are few things more uncomfortable than the aftermath of alcohol consumption. Every person who has suffered from the headaches, nausea, fatigue, dehydration, intestinal discomfort, dry mouth and other symptoms that accompany the morning after has tried a few of the many suggested remedies. Some work and some don’t. Real “cures” are even less prevalent, but there are substances in existence that can ease the worst hangovers.


5 Snacks Approved By Dietitians for Long Rides

Have you ever been on a long ride and you wished you had enough snacks to eat? Well, it happens quite a lot of times. Long journeys might be boring and definitely, you would need some crunchy tastes in your mouth to make the ride interesting. This is exactly why you should take snacks recommended by dietitians.


13 Surprising Health Benefits Of Matcha Tea

The health and fitness world is continuously getting attention due to recent discoveries in both food and exercises that provide benefits to a lot of people. Health advocates are successful in promoting a healthy lifestyle to others by introducing foods that provide massive benefits to an individual compared to its density, which they call superfoods.


What Is the Best Thing to Drink Before an Exam?

The period of final exams creeps up on students imperceptibly. Seems like you have just started this academic year and, boom! – you are already buried under piles of papers and books.


Wine Tasting Engages Your Brain More Than Any Other Behavior, Says Neuroscientist

Any good wine snob knows that, despite the term’s intended negative connotation, the label should really be worn like a badge of honor. Sure, some beer lovers or, even worse, casual wine drinkers might find that snobbery worthy of derision, but they clearly don’t understand the difficulty, dexterity and dedication necessary to reach that level. Thankfully, however, a scientist has finally tossed us wine snobs a life preserver—a Yale neuroscientist nonetheless.


Need a Break from Coffee? Try these 5 Energizing Replacements

few things are as satisfying as a good old morning cup of joe, but on the other hand, it isn’t the healthiest drink in the world and can affect our physical and mental wellbeing, especially if you take yours with lots of creamer and sugar.