A group of Austrian researchers has found that a pint of beer could help stir up your creative juices and boost productivity, adding weight to a theory long-held by artists who have found their greatest muse at the bottom of a bottle.


Some say CBD helps with hangovers, but is it safe to mix CBD with alcohol? The answer is yes, however, it is possible for the effects of one or both substances to become amplified when taken together.


You are probably hungover and looking for a cure if you are reading this. Wishful thinking if you’re wondering if CBD can prevent a hangover or cure one.


Almonds, blended and strained in substantial quantities to satisfy our collective thirst for plant-based milk alternatives, have travelled a great distance to become a coffee shop staple.

Native to the Tian Shan Mountains of Central Asia, California’s Central Valley produces more than three-quarters of the world’s supply. Grown in mega-farms wholly reliant on honeybees for pollination, it’s the insects that now must do the travelling.


Drinking in a pub is one of the favourite pastimes of British citizens, but did you know it’s actually illegal to get drunk while doing so?


Last year, the World Health Organization hailed energy drinks a “danger to public health,” after they found consumption of such beverages is on the rise. Now, an infographic created by website Personalise.co.uk claims to show exactly what happens to the body in the 24 hours after consuming an energy drink.


CBD is one of the most talked-about health crazes at the moment and is a compound found in the cannabis plant. Even though cannabis is known for inducing psychoactive effects, CBD is different and won’t induce any mind-altering effects but will deliver a wide variety of health benefits including pain relief, anxiety relief, antidepressant effects, and many more. Since legalization and the growing demand for CBD, there has been a lot of innovation which has resulted in a wide selection of CBD products being developed, a lot of which you can buy at Grasscity. This includes CBD oils, tinctures, edibles, topicals, and more. However, lately, CBD-infused beverages have started becoming more popular. Customers love this product and the market keeps expanding with new and unique products consistently being developed. To learn more about CBD-infused beverages, more specifically the top 5 CBD beverages in 2022 that you should try, keep reading. 


Cold beer is part of the weekend routine of most humans, with some calling it one of life’s greatest pleasures. When it’s time to relax or enjoy a moment, beer is always one of the first guests.


I love a good takedown as much as anyone, but please (borrowing the words of Dolly) please, I beg of you: leave espresso martinis alone.


Leading scientists in the field of tea research recently met virtually at the Sixth International Scientific Symposium on Tea and Human Health to discuss the current state of knowledge and the gaps in understanding about the benefits of tea. Researchers discussed many topics at the symposium, which included the potential beneficial effects of tea on cardiovascular health, cognitive function, and the prevention of cancer.