All Of The Mistakes You’re Making That Are Ruining Your Margarita, According To An Expert

First of all, stop using a cheap orange liqueur, margarita mixes, and bottled lime juice.


All Of The Mistakes You?re Making That Are Completely Ruining Your Margarita, According To An Expert

Firstly, stop using a cheap orange liqueur, margarita mixes, and bottled lime juice.


The 3 Healthiest Fruit Juices To Drink

Juice has become a controversial beverage over the past couple of years. Many people are divided when it comes to the health benefits of fruit juices. Some argue that it’s too high in sugar, while others champion its high nutrient content.


Carnival Replaces Coke With Pepsi, Starbucks Products Aboard Cruise Ships

Starting in January 2020, Carnival Cruises will replace Coke products with PepsiCo products. While Pepsi may not pass the test for Coke fanatics, PepsiCo does offer a wide range of products, including


Sparking Gin, Aperol And Grapefruit (ratterwick Punch) Recipe 

While Aperol is generally considered pretty mellow as bitter ingredients go, here it gets a fresh kick from a squeeze of grapefruit juice.


5 Easy Tips To Make Smoothies That Are Good For Your Health

Having a well-balanced diet means your body gets the vitamins and minerals it needs. Servings of fresh fruits, vegetables, whole grains, lean proteins, and legumes should be included in all of your meals. 


Cheers! Vineyard Is Giving Away Its Extra Stock For Free

AN OXFORDSHIRE vineyard with ‘too many grapes’ offering free pressed grape juice has been ‘inundated’ with calls.


Schweppes Speaks On Mazoe Orange Crush Colour Variation ? Pindula News

Schweppes Zimbabwe Limited has issued a statement explaining why the colour of its flagship fruit juice, Mazoe Orange Crush product differ in colour. The statement was a response to a query on microbl


The State Of Vodka

Absolut Juice represents a broader movement away from the wild flavors of yesteryear like cotton candy and Swedish Fish.


When Soft Drinks Become Premium: Is it about Health, Taste or Brand?

Once considered as an opportunity for refreshment and indulgence, the soft drinks industry has experienced a major transformation with an increasing focus on nutrition. People are searching for natural beverage options as sugar-laden, conventional soda soft drinks are being constantly criticised by the media worldwide.