Top 4 Beef Cuts From MuscleFood With Recipes

Beef is considered to be the best form of meat by carnivores when it comes to taste and tenderness. The butchers at MuscleFood understand the valuable role beef plays in the human diet and strive to offer premium quality beef steak to their customers. The meat merchant has every type of beef cut available, ranging from steaks to minced meat and even succulent steaks patties. All their beef steaks are matured for 21 days for extra taste and tenderness. The online meat shop also offers a Muscle Food Discount Code for customers, making all the products affordable.


How Tequila Can Improve Your Appearance

Tequila gets a bad rap. Most times you’ll hear people complaining about the Mexican-based liquor causing overnight blackouts, stomach issues, serious hangovers, and basically every other upsetting, alcoholic side effect in the medical book.

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Gin Company Causes A Stir With New Delivery Truck Showcasing A Female’s Butt

It’s impossible to ignore the daring gin truck that steals the show on European highways as(s) of today. The 18 meter long vehicle is an important new asset to accelerate Sir Edmond Gin’s international expansion. Just keep your eyes on the road…, or at least that is what the official press release recommends.


Snacks To Pack For A Long Car Ride

Traveling a long distance in a car can be an interminable and boring experience, especially when you end up hungry on the way. Hanger is nothing to joke about, and having to deal with it while you still have a couple of hours left to drive is a complete nightmare. This is why having a few travel snacks with you for the ride is a good call. Quick and easy snacking is a great way to keep your hunger at bay while you finish your drive, which means you have got to bring the best snacks along with you. To help you decide what snacks to bring, this article suggests a handful of the best snacks to make the most of a long car ride.

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Can A Felon Get A Liquor License?

As a felon, you’ll have difficulty due to your background. Unfortunately, your history is going to follow you for the rest of your life. Even though you’ve changed your life, you will likely never be able to escape your criminal history. Many felons want to move forward and begin a career for themselves. For instance, you may contemplate opening a business. If you’re interested in starting a pub, you need to make sure that you can obtain a liquor license. Can you get one as a felon?


Top Virtual Travel Experiences For Foodies In 2021

As the coronavirus pandemic draws on, the world is quickly adapting to virtual life. For instance, international flight operations are yet to resume in most parts of the world, and we are stuck traveling from our armchairs. And it’s not just virtual travel, the internet is rife with content, stories, and all kinds of experiences to keep us engaged during these trying times. 

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Exercise Makes People Drink More Booze, Study Claims

Bootcamps can be tough — maybe everyone is drinking to forget? We’re not really sure why, but one study shows that on days when people exercise, they tend to drink more.


Newly Opened Bars Are Allowing Patrons To Get Too Drunk

When someone overindulges in alcohol, we tend to think of it as that person’s problem, and in most cases it is. However, there are times when it is the party who serves the person the alcohol who is partially responsible for anything that person does while they are drunk, which includes getting into an accident. That is because it is irresponsible to serve someone alcohol when they are clearly drunk, just like it is irresponsible to sell alcohol to minors.

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Gwyneth Paltrow Creates A Quinoa Whiskey Cocktail During Lockdown

Actress Gwyneth Paltrow claims to have gone off the rails during the lockdown, hitting the bottle every night of the week and eating herself into a coma, just like the rest of us. The queen of healthy living came up with her own cocktail called the “Buster Paltrow”, which is made from quinoa whiskey.


Queen Elizabeth Has Launched Her Own Beer Brewed From Plants At Sandringham Estate

Queen Elizabeth has released her own beer, using plants grown on her Sandringham estate in England