Kanonkop Estate in Stellenbosch reaffirmed its position as a global wine icon by being awarded the trophy for Red Wine Producer of the Year at this year’s International Wine and Spirits Competition (IWSC), the world’s leading wine and spirits competition. Ten of the Kanonkop wines entered for this year’s IWSC were awarded medals by the team of international judges who scrutinised some 12 000 wines entered by producers from around the world.


When we talk about beer storage, we talk about maintaining the taste and the preservation of the beer’s freshness. The temperature by which the beer is stored is the most crucial part of the whole procedure.


Finding the ideal present is never simple. Birthdays come around every year, so even if you discover something wonderful one year, you might mess it up the following. Then there is Mother’s Day. What about Christmas? Valentine’s Day? All of it is too much! 


Tanzania is a marvellous vacation spot due to its privileged location, with the ocean on its east coast and the gorgeous Mount Kilimanjaro on the other side. Locals are welcoming, and you can find a mixture of food, cultures, and friendliness. The main cities of Zanzibar, Dodoma, Dar es Salaams and Moshi are the most popular among tourists. In other words, most restaurants are located here as they attract international visitors. Tanzania offers an array of dishes, from steaks and burgers to local seafood and Indian cuisine. Tanzania has it all.  


Woking together brings love and builds strong relationships with one another. With Covid and omicron on the run, the world appears to be in a state of flux. The virus is not spread through food but through prolonged personal contact. Even though we have been encouraged to socially distance ourselves, baking and sharing baked goods feels like a neighborly tradition to follow. 


So, you want to become a high-income bartender, but you don’t have enough skills and experience or even any idea where to start. Right?


Let’s take a moment to talk about hot dogs. 20 July is, after all, International Hot Dog Day.


There’s no doubt about it, cupcakes are definitely the coolest and trendiest food item to serve at modern-day dinner parties, family picnics, high tea affairs and wedding parties. Cake bakers and pastry chefs are pulling out all the stops to up their cupcake game. I had my fair share of some of the finest cupcakes while on holiday in London. The Hummingbird Bakery in Portobello is renowned for its sweet delights and although their cupcakes don’t come cheap, they are one hundred percent worth it!


Weddings can be ridiculously expensive. Once you’ve paid for the flowers, photographer, caterers, wedding drinks and venue, the costs can rack up pretty quickly. And that’s not to mention the dress.


A group of Austrian researchers has found that a pint of beer could help stir up your creative juices and boost productivity, adding weight to a theory long-held by artists who have found their greatest muse at the bottom of a bottle.