Beer brand Corona has launched its new 440ml cans in South Africa. The brand has launched Corona Extra in the new 440ml cans, which are larger in size, providing a more refreshing and satisfying experience for beer lovers.


Think of all the reasons to enjoy a beer. There’s the obvious: after a hard day’s work, it tastes like the liquid equivalent of a high-five….so true!


Hollywood exes Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie’s bitter divorce battle continues. Brangelina, as they were once known, have been fighting over the French vineyard ever since Angelina filed for divorce in 2016.


Scientists and doctors for years considered red wine a health food. Research of the day linked moderate alcohol consumption—defined as one drink or less a day for women and two or less for men—to 30-40% fewer heart disease deaths in drinkers vs. non-drinkers.


The Maeng Da kratom strain, well known for being very powerful, is one of a kind. It was a Thai strain that gained popularity since it contains a lot of alkaloids, making it strong and effective. Mostly synonymous with its high-energy and stimulating properties, Maeng Da Kratom has been considered a natural substitute therapy for many. It is becoming quite famous for the fact that it increases mood, improves energy levels, and reduces pain. Hence, kratom lovers adore it. ” How can I find the answer to the question ” What is Maeng Da Kratom?””- in order to have a great kratom, you have to realize that it is a strong and respected strain.


Abu Dhabi is a glamorous playground in the Gulf Peninsula’s heart, home to unforgettable, world-class experiences. Being the capital of the United Arab Emirates, it blends traditional Emirati culture with modern luxury to bring its tourists and residents many amazing activities and adventures.


A strange alliance takes shape in the dimly lighted nooks of casinos, where slot machines hum and dice roll.


The following athletes’ triumphs over alcohol addiction are their success tales.


More than 20 known kratom strains are available in the market, each named after its origin or distinct properties. 


In an unfortunate incident, Leonardo da Vinci’s renowned masterpiece “Mona Lisa” was targeted by two protestors at the esteemed Louvre Museum in Paris, France, on Sunday. The protestors chose an unusual tactic, hurling canned soup onto the priceless painting in an act that shocked museum-goers.