The House of Klipdrift is proud to announce a brand-new member of the Klipdrift family. It’s Klipdrift but with something a little extra to elevate the ordinary and add more excitement to #GoldBetweenFriends. 


Twist the cap and add ice to experience a salted caramel and coconut cream liqueur made for every occasion. Paradise on Ice is available to anyone with ice, a glass and a bottle of Coco Rico Cream Liqueur.


Just add vodka and wait 4 weeks. Ok not quite, but making your own coffee liqueur at home is rather straight forward. You can even bottle your creation and call it Espresso Martini On The Go.


The recipe of Pimm’s No.1 Cup is known to only six people and its flavour profile is as hard to pinpoint as it is to describe. It might surprise you that there are actually other ways to enjoy the very British summer drink of choice, and they’re all as equally yummy as each other.


Pimm’s is almost as British as a cup of tea. This popular summer drink is served at almost every summer event throughout Britain. The refreshing beverage is most associated with Wimbledon, but you will also find it at polo matches, the races, the Henley Royal Regatta, graduation ceremonies and every garden party. It’s certainly one of the most refreshing libations the booze world could ever bestow and it’s therefore important to know where Pimm’s was born.


Are you a fan of Sambuca Liqueur? Ever wondered where it comes from?


Disaronno Liqueur introduces the Disa Fizz, a drink just perfect for lazy summer days spend in the sun.


Strawberry Lips is famously known as a delicate blend of Strawberry flavoured cream liqueur laced with premium gold tequila. It is a top-selling and proudly South African drink, and versatile as a serve over crushed ice, in a cocktail, shottail, milkshake or over ice cream.


Mariah Carey faces a trademark battle over the name of her Black Irish drinks brand. This after a group of Irish drinks entrepreneurs are already bottling an alcoholic drink of the same name in Europe.


We’re not sure whether the marketing department of the world’s most consumed spirit got a little high on their own supply, but it certainly sounds like. Maotai, the largest liquor company in China, just dropped a cringe-inducing music video, entitled “Oh, It’s Moutai”.