Eating a perfectly ripe apricot is one of life’s great pleasures, especially if you do it on National Apricot Day. Yes, there is indeed a day for the fruit that resembles peaches and nectarines. On 9 January, aka National Apricot Day, you are encouraged to add this fruit to your diet while you learn about the goodness that comes with apricots.


A new year calls for new beginnings, new trends and new drinks! Let us take a moment to ponder grape varieties over variants, flavored whiskeys instead of flat bellies and consider how the year in drinks will unfold in 2022.


As much as we love the food, decorations and fashion of New Year’s and Christmas get-togethers, let’s be honest, what we’re really in for is the booze. Whether it’s a fancy martini, a warm spiked drink or a good ol’-fashioned cocktail, the holidays aren’t the holidays if there aren’t some delicious sips being served.


Harry’s Bar in Paris is celebrating the 100th birthday of the bloody mary, the vodka-tomato juice cocktail believed to have been invented at the iconic watering hole in 1921.


Forget all about the understated olive, here we go with coconut, maraschino cherries and marshmallow. If you ever needed an ice breaker or playful, grown-up dessert, this White Christmas Martini your answer.


Holiday get-togethers tend to be rife with booze. From the pub crawls on so-called “Blackout Wednesday” to the clinking flutes of New Year’s Eve champagne, the alcohol flows especially freely at this time of year. If you’re trying to cut back on your consumption or have made a commitment to sobriety, holiday get-togethers can be especially challenging.


Cocktails have been an irreplaceable part of the spirits world ever since its invention. To cock a horse’s tail and make it look more energetic for the show, the horse dealer would give it a ginger concoction. Later adding spices like ginger or black pepper to gin, wine or beer came to be called cocktails!


R&B singer Bruno Mars created nine different SelvaRey Rum cocktails to pair with each song on his new album Silk Sonic.


Grand Army, a popular neighbourhood bar in Brooklyn, New York, has introduced a new fall cocktail menu and it’s 100% cat themed!


A Martini made with catitude!

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