Red. Wine. Popcorn. Yes, you read that right!  


If you know anything about vodka production, you’ve probably heard it can be made from potatoes. It seems giant chip manufacturer, Lays, only figured this out recent. Late last year, the company announced that they are releasing a vodka made in part with the same potatoes used for their potato chips. Genius move, don’t you think?

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To get an idea of how far cultivated meat is from reaching supermarket shelves and dinner tables, just take a look at the cost. Singapore-based Shiok Meats plans to launch its flagship cell-based shrimp in 18 months at about about R586 a kilogram. That’s an arm and a leg, so to speak. It’s also double the price of real prawns.


Ah yes, the distant merry bells of Christmas have already started edging closer as it’s, you know, early October.


Sometimes in life, the only solution for a situation is downing an entire box of Oreo’s with a bottle of Malbec. It’s good for the soul, really. Now, you can kill two birds with one stone thanks to the cookie maker’s latest collaboration with Barefoot Wine: A red blend inspired by Oreo.


The prayers of cat and rice ball lovers around the world have been answered! You can take Onigiri, the Bento staple, and turn it into any shape you want, even a cat!!


Hitting up clubs and bars over the weekend is a usual occurrence and serves as a much-needed break for those looking to shake off the stress of a busy work week. However, the average club or bar often becomes dull after a few visits and after a while, they all start blending together.


Guinness World Records America confirmed that this enormous avocado found by Pamela Wang of Hawaii is the heaviest avocado in the world.


Millions of coffee capsules are used around the world every day as coffee lovers, including guests at The Table Bay hotel in Cape Town, get their caffeine fix.


Pepsi and Kraft are embracing wild new flavors that seem a bit extreme but upon closer inspection, the food giants are actually just remixing flavors we already know and love. Call it the new nostalgia. The flavors themselves aren’t fresh, but they are placed into surprising contexts to offer a combination of comfort and adventure. Pepsi Apple Pie cola is strangely intriguing, while Pumpkin Spice Kraft Macaroni & Cheese is pretty much gag-worthy.