Bacon shot glasses dipped in chocolate and filled with whisky

We’ve all been there before, standing at the bar, shot glass in hand, ready to throw the spirit down our gullet, when we’ve thought to ourselves “man this would really be so much better if the shot glass I’m holding was made out of bacon and dipped in chocolate.”


Make Your Own Hamburger Soup Topped With Pickles

Need a simple, throw-together meal that the whole family will love? Comforting and delicious, who doesn’t like a good old hamburger? This spirit-warming recipe by Ricardo from The Star goes well with fresh hamburger buns.

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The Black Barbie Cocktail

The Black Barbie, also known as the Nicki Minaj Cocktail is a drink inspired by Queen Barbie herself, Nicki Minaj. Some glitzy bubbles for the bling, rum for the Soca and a dash of ginger ale to add the spice, The Black Barbie will get you chipping away in no time.


You Can Make Banana Bread In Your Slow Cooker With Just Three Ingredients

If you’ve got a few slightly overripe bananas leftover at the end of the week, this recipe is perfect. You can create banana bread with just three ingredients and bake it in your slow cooker, making it almost effortless.

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The Cazador Cocktail by George Hunter

Created by George Hunter for the global BACARDÍ® Legacy cocktail competition 2020.


The Ginger Gertie Cocktail

Mix your own Ginger Gertie Cocktail.


The Doctor’s Orders Cocktail

Created by Rohan Massie for Angostura’s Global Cocktail Challenge 2020, the Doctor’s Orders cocktail was inspired during a conversation about simplicity and technique at a friend’s place in Sydney.


Dashes @ Dinner With Paul Prinsloo, The Best Young Chef In Africa

Over the past few decades bitters has become an essential ingredient behind the bar, used by all good mixologists to balance the ingredients of their cocktail creations.


The Mas-Curried Cocktail

Created by Angostura’s Global Cocktail Ambassador, Marv Cunningham, the Mas-Curried was inspired by the trend towards culinary cocktails.


10 Coffee Based Drinks And Dishes To Make At Home

Ah, coffee. There’s something incredibly soothing about sipping a steaming cup of joe. Whether you are cradling a travel mug on your way to work or dashing out after gym to refuel with an espresso, it’s hard to imagine life without it.