The History Of The Shrimp Cocktail And How To Make The Perfect One From Scratch

From the 1960s to the 1980s there was only one starter to serve at your dinner party: the shrimp cocktail. Served in a wine glass, this gloopy mix of defrosted prawns and sweet pink sauce balanced on a nest of iceberg lettuce was the sophisticated way to begin a night among friends. 


Roast Tomato, Prawn And Lemon Thyme Soup

This light, fresh and vibrant oven-roasted tomato, prawn and lemon thyme soup is packed with flavour.

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This Caviar Crêpe Cake Is Luxury On A Plate

Considered one of the world’s great delicacies, caviar has always been the food of the filthy rich. Layers and layers of thin, tender whole-wheat crêpes and smoked salmon caviar make a stunning multilayered cake that will without a doubt impress your guests.


Hay-roasted Beetroot Soup

This recipe for a hay-roasted beetroot soup with fermented black peppered honeycomb might might be just the challenge your looking for when wanting to impress guests around the dinner table. It serves six as a starter portion.

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Slow-roasted Cherry Tomato And Peppered Goat’s Cheese Quiche

Fragrant, slow-roasted tomatoes are the perfect partner for peppered goat’s cheese in this delicious quiche recipe with home-made pastry.


One Bake Lockdown Meals #UNDERR100

Whilst you dial up the fun factor for the kids at home during lockdown, why not try these easy, budget beating recipes, with Bull Brand Corned Beef. Packed with strong flavours and wholesome ingredients, it’s bound to deliver smiles all round.

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Sweet Potato Soup With Springbok Biltong

Springbok Biltong is one of South Africa’s most popular snacks. It is dried and spiced to perfection and this sweet potato soup recipe topped with biltong is sure to impress. 


Corn and Basil Soup

Try our delicious recipe for a Corn and basil soup that can be served hot or cold and try it with a refreshing glass of 2019 La Motte Sauvignon Blanc.

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A healthy slice of Grandmother’s Bread – a recipe with a story

We think bread can be part of a healthy lifestyle. So why not try this recipe for our popular Grandmother’s Bread as per the Cape Winelands Cuisine cookbook (page 15).


Make Your Own Hamburger Soup Topped With Pickles

Need a simple, throw-together meal that the whole family will love? Comforting and delicious, who doesn’t like a good old hamburger? This spirit-warming recipe by Ricardo from The Star goes well with fresh hamburger buns.

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