Singapore Researchers Have Developed The World`s First Booze Made From Tofu

If you’re looking to get a new kick from your weekend tipple, how about something boozy made from tofu?


What to drink with Ramen #noodleday

Having started out as everyday fare in Japan, ramen has become a cult food around the globe. Even prisoners has caught onto the ramen craze.


UK`s first sake brewery to open in East Cambridgeshire

A ground breaking ceremony like no other has been held at the construction site of the UK’s first sake brewery in East Cambridgeshire.


Why the Japanese serve sake in tiny cups and why you should use a wine glass

New Yorker Timothy Sullivan had an epiphany a decade ago when he tried his first sake. It’s led him to spend the last decade as an evangelist for the Japanese drink made from fermented rice, running his own website, and becoming a “Sake Samurai”.


Sophisticated sake going mainstream

Forget the sushi! Anyone for sake and spaghetti? Or a burger and sake?


Top 10 Alcohols

WatchMojo count down the top ten alcohol types of all time.


Wine holds off Beer as most Googled Alcohol Beverage of 2014

It’s been a long year of hard drinking and I’m sure we will all end strong with the festive season upon us. Yes the finish line is in sight, so dig deep, down your glass and pour another damn Chardonnay.


The world`s most alcohol friendly countries.

Alcohol usage is frowned upon by people in many of the predominantly Muslim countries. But a recent survey by PewResearch revealed  two-in-ten or fewer in Japan, Britain, Canada, Australia, Germany, the United States, Poland, and France say it is morally unacceptable.


The Secret to Japanese Women’s Flawless Skin Is in the Sake

This fermented rice wine has been keeping Japanese women youthful for years. But it’s not the actual drink that’s been giving them unlined faces — it’s a strain of yeast produced during the fermentation process known as PiteraTM.


What is Wakame Sake?

Wakame Sake, translated as seaweed sake, is a delicacy where a naked, supine model clamps her thighs together to form a triangular cup. Sake is poured down her body and into the indentation. As it fills, the woman’s pubic hair begins to gently undulate in the warm sake, similar to seaweed swaying in the ocean. Then a drunk businessman leans down and slurps it out of her crotch.