Made in Chelsea Star Launches A Non-Alcoholic Tequila

Spencer Matthews, a former Made in Chelsea star, has debuted a non-alcoholic ‘spirit’ inspired by Tequila with his low- and no-alcohol drinks company Clean Co.


How Don Julio 1942 Became Tequila’s First Unicorn Bottle

With its name now uttered in the same sentences as Blanton?s and Pappy Van Winkle, Don Julio 1942 is the undoubtedly first unicorn tequila.

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Jose Cuervo Is Launching A Tequila-infused Hard Seltzer

These days, there’s no shortage of choices when it comes to hard seltzer, as it seems like every alcohol brand has its own version.


Will Celebrity-backed Tequila Brands Succeed?

Celebrities such as The Rock and George Clooney have helped the stratospheric rise in popularity of Tequila and other agave spirits. But canny consumers will discern whether the stars have a real pass


Tequila Market Research Report: Cagr Status, Industry Growth, Trends, Analysis And Forecasts To 2027

" Tequila Market Report Coverage: Key Growth Factors & Challenges, Segmentation & Regional O


Jose Cuervo Playamar Hard Seltzer Now Available Nationwide Along With Two New Flavors

Jose Cuervo?s Playamar Tequila Hard Seltzer line, which initially launched in August 2020, unveiled two new flavors: Black Cherry and Mango.

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Don Julio – The Best Tequila On The Shelf

Back before the pandemic robbed us of our social lives, the most frequently heard word in bars and clubs across the world was “shots!”. This refrain was so popular and universal that there is even


How To Make A Margarita

A margarita is a cocktail made of tequila, lime and orange liqueur. Keep reading for our simple but tasty recipe.


Impact Of Covid-19 On Tequila Market 2021


Sammy Hagar And Guy Fieri’s Santo Spirits Unveils Santo Reposado Tequila

Rock star Sammy Hagar and celebrity chef Guy Fieri have launched a Reposado Tequila.

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