It’s so much more than just a burger. I mean that first bite, oh what heaven that first bite is


I want to take this burger out to dinner, and maybe a movie, then take it back to my place. Put on a little Terence Trent D’arby and then I will just … fool around a little bit, nothing serious, just take it slow, you know.


This is not just a sandwich of grilled meat and toasted bread, this is God speaking to us through food.


OMG I just want you inside of me


Daddy needs his meat


I think I just had my first burgasim


I love this burger so much I want to sow my ass shut


After all these disappointments you deserve a triumphant mouth full of meat.


Oh my god I’m never brushing my teeth again, unless it’s from a toothbrush made from this burger.


This is not it