If you know anything about vodka production, you’ve probably heard it can be made from potatoes. It seems giant chip manufacturer, Lays, only figured this out recent. Late last year, the company announced that they are releasing a vodka made in part with the same potatoes used for their potato chips. Genius move, don’t you think?


Daniel Craig celebrated winning the role as James Bond by getting drunk alone on vodka martinis.


If you enjoy vodka, the you’re probably familiar with SKYY, quintessential bar beverage from America. SKYY was created by Maurice Kanbar in 1992, who was on a mission to make a better martini. Since the most important ingredient in a martini is vodka, the solution was simple – make a better vodka!


Sunday 20 June is a special day in South Africa. Children, mentees and colleagues celebrate the father figures who play a part in their lives. All dads are different and exceptional in unique ways, from the quiet, contemplative heroes to the fun, bad-pun-dropping legends who add dad-jokes to every occasion. Father’s Day is an opportunity to celebrate them over a bottle of something especially suited to their specific characters.

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Secret service agents in Ukrain have confiscated the first shipment of vodka produced inside Chernobyl’s radioactive zone – with manufacturers questioning their motives. Atomik vodka is made from apples grown in the Narodychi district, part of the exclusion zone surrounding the nuclear power plant.


Scarlett Bobo is no stranger to the world of television, and she’s set to return to the screen with her documentary “Underneath the Empire,” which was produced by Absolut Vodka in collaboration with the Absolut Empire’s Ball competition.


Fashion mogul Vera Wang has teamed up with Polish brand Chopin Vodka to produce a limited bottling labelled as “the first vodka-fashion collaboration ever to launch in the U.S”.


Vodka is a cheap and easy way to remove stains from fabrics, upholstery and carpets with no extra chemicals required for the job. Cheap vodka works just the same as any high-end brand. Vodka can get rid of some of the toughest stains, including grass, ink and red wine.

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Jason Derulo has joined the team at North Carolina-based Graybeard Distillery to lead the branding of Bedlam Vodka.


It’s official: The biggest trend in South Africa is non-alcoholic drinks. This after the extension of current Covid-19 restrictions in the country, including the ban on alcohol sales.