Global Craft Vodka Market 2027 Scope And Opportunities Analysis In Pandemic Crisis During Covid-19: Smirnoff, Absolut, Khlibnyi Dar, Green Mark, Pyat Ozer, Khortytsa, Belenkaya, Zubrowka, Grey Goose, Finlandia, Skyy, Tito’s Vodka, Deep Eddy, Hangar 1 Vodka – Neighborwebsj


Singer Jason Derulo Teams Up With Bedlam Vodka

Jason Derulo has joined the team at North Carolina-based Graybeard Distillery to lead the branding of Bedlam Vodka.

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How To Make A Non-Alcoholic Vodka Martini

It’s official: The biggest trend in South Africa is non-alcoholic drinks. This after the extension of current Covid-19 restrictions in the country, including the ban on alcohol sales.


How To Order Vodka Like A Russian

You don’t say to the bartender: “Hey fella, pour me another 40 grams,” do you? However, that’s exactly the way hard spirits are most often ordered in the Russian language. Read on to get savvy with Russian slang terms for different volumes of spirits.


Brands Report 2021: Vodka

Vodka is the fourth most used spirit in the bars we poll. These days, bartenders want vodkas that can stand up to bold


Aldi Vodka Priced At £14.99 ‘tastes Just Like Grey Goose’ According To Converts

An Aldi vodka priced at just £14.99 is said to taste "just like Grey Goose" despite being much cheaper than the luxury brand, according to a review of the spirit on TikTok


It’s Time To Look Beyond Old Monk

Unlike whisky, vodka, and wine, rumhas surprisingly never really caughton in the premium segment of theIndian alcohol market


$1m Of Iranian Cash Stashed In Vodka Box Stolen From Russian Foreign Ministry

Russia had received the $1.5 million in an Absolut vodka box last November as payment for consular services.

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Roust Group’s Siberian Troika Vodka

Russian Standard vodka brand owner Roust Group has added a new mark to its spirits portfolio.


Festive Holiday Cocktails You Can Make To Help Keep Spirits Bright

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