laying casino card games and slots will always be fun and exciting. This is especially true if you are in a big and luxurious establishment where gambling is done in style. However, casino features alone aren’t always enough to have a memorable time. Sometimes you need a drink or two to get into the right mood and spread positive vibes. However, you shouldn’t just pick drinks at random, those who want to get the best experience possible, know that only specific drinks are for casino gaming nights. 


As a student, staying energetic is essential to focus and work. However, the high levels of sugar and caffeine in most energy drinks can cause collapse later on. Instead, this article provides a list of student recovery drinks that do not require much time or money to prepare and are good for them.


There’s no denying that water makes the world go ’round. About 71% of the earth is made up of water, and we, as humans, are respectively made up of over 60% of water. Water is a source of life and it’s everywhere.


Hot summer days require cold, refreshing beverages, do you agree? They are perfect to combine with ice cream, frozen yoghurt or light snacks. During summer, it is a real challenge to find a drink that is light, easy to digest, but refreshing and healthy for the body. Some drinks are served at room temperature, and our advice is to avoid them for the summer, but rather drink them in winter. These include whisky or rum, which can sometimes be too difficult to digest due to their high percentage of alcohol. Keep reading to find out which drinks you can drink if you want to beat the heat! Pro tip: keep the water intake high when the temperature is on the rise!


Did you know that the body can survive an entire week without food before ultimately succumbing to starvation? However, according to scientific studies (read more), the human body can potentially stop functioning after just 2 days without proper hydration. Water, you see, is used by our bodies the most often. It is used to bring our body’s blood pressure to normal or to keep organs from failing. Without it, we’ll be dropping like flies to the ground.


Every single, functioning cell in your body requires water to work. That’s why dehydration, or losing fluids faster than you can replace them, impairs almost all the processes in your brain, joints, kidneys, and the skin. 


You are probably guilty of reboiling the water every morning when you turn the kettle on for you morning cup of tea or coffee. Apparently, it’s a foolish routine that could be detrimental to your health.


Evidence suggests that drinking more water can make a major difference in your health. Water can also help with weight loss in a number of ways, like making you feel more full and stimulating your metabolism.


You’ve finally stopped hitting the snooze button, so good for you. Now, before you do anything else, it’s time to drink something. But what’s the best way to start your day? You may have heard that it’s a big glass of water, or perhaps you’ve been told a hot cup of green tea or coffee is the way to go.


September is Urology Awareness Month.