6 Ways To Relieve Dehydration

Every single, functioning cell in your body requires water to work. That’s why dehydration, or losing fluids faster than you can replace them, impairs almost all the processes in your brain, joints, kidneys, and the skin. 


Sparkling Bottled Water Market Size, Share And Forecast To 2028


Martini Moves Into Rtds

Bacardi-owned Martini vermouth has released three ready-to-drink products, including two alcohol-free aperitivo and tonic waters


Malibu Rum And Absolut Vodka Launch New Watermelon Flavors

Two of Pernod Ricard?s best known brands, Malibu Rum and Absolut Vodka, are launching new Watermelon-flavored offerings, perfect for the warmer months ahead. The watermelon craze has grown in populari

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Sodastream Carbonator Review – It’s The Original But Is It The Best Carbonator?

PEOPLE refer to every machine that makes water fizzy as a ?sodastream?, but there?s only one real SodaStream on the scene. Gaining popularity in the ?70s and ?80s when?


World Water Day: Collaboration Protects Vulnerable Communities Against Covid-19

The Heineken Africa Foundation and Heineken SA have partnered with WaterAid in its drive to tackle the spread of Covid-19 and other diseases, as well as significantly broaden access to clean water acr


Grey Goose Unveils Vodka Infused With Fruit And Botanicals

Grey Goose Essences fruits include strawberry, peach and watermelon.


Disposal Of Plastic Waste: Coke, Pepsi, Bisleri Fined

India Business News: Chennai/Delhi: The Central Pollution Control Board (CPCB) has fined beverage makers Coke and Pepsi and bottled water maker Biseri for violating filing.

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Malibu Rum Just Released A Watermelon Flavor That’s Basically A Passport To A Tropical Island

Happy hour, here we come! ?


Centinela Tequila Family Buys North Miami Spec Home For $10m

The Casa Centinela Tequila family bought a waterfront spec mansion in North Miami for $9.9 million.