How To Make A Lekker Paptert With Chakalaka

Pap is a South African staple. Much more than a traditional breakfast, this polenta-like dish is often enjoyed with meat and sauce, whether it is a juicy onion and tomato stew or another South African favourite, chakalaka.


Cameron Diaz And Katherine Power Add A Red Wine To The Avaline Range

Avaline co-founders Cameron Diaz and Katherine Power (Who What Wear, Versed Skincare) announce the early arrival of Avaline Red, originally scheduled for fall. This comes in response to the brand’s rapid success and Avaline’s robust Instagram community’s most-asked question: can you release a red wine?


The World’s First Sherry Hotel Opens In Spain

A hotel dedicated to Sherry has opened in the town where the wine originated from.


Cotes du Rhone Wines: Character and Style You can Pair With A Large Variety Of Food

There is no doubt that the Cotes du Rhone region can be considered as one of the best in the world, right alongside Bordeaux (both located in France). In fact, if you consider the quality of its wine and the average price they sell for, you have to come to the conclusion that it is difficult to get a better deal on high quality wines. Furthermore, it is a wine that pairs well with a large variety of food, which makes it interesting to keep a bottle (and maybe a few more) in the cellar at all times.


The Wine Hollywood Will Be Sipping On At The 72nd Emmy® Awards

Sterling Vineyards will fill the wine glasses of Hollywood’s most celebrated stars at the 72nd Emmy Awards for the fifth consecutive year. 


Cowboys Fighting Fires In Napa County

Amateur firefighters are bulldozing their way through the California blazes, but some of the professionals don’t seem too pleased.

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Cabernet Sauvignon Is The Most Planted Grape Variety In The World

A bottle of Cabernet Sauvignon is a timeless classic for any occasion. The grape on one of the boldest varieties out there and has long been responsible for some of the world’s most talked-about and expensive wines. 


Brad Pitt Launches The World’s First Champagne House Dedicated Exclusively To Rosé

Where there’s a will there’s a rosé – at least for Brad Pitt. Billed as the first and only Champagne house devoted exclusively to rosé Champagne, the actor gave the world a sneak peek of Fleur De Miraval, a £290 rosé Champagne made in collaboration with Pierre Péters.


The Good, The Bad And The Ugly Side Of A Winefluencer

A couple of months ago, I was honoured to be invited by Wine Cellar to be on the panel for their #SkillsChallenge Workshop series on marketing.  On the sideline, there was a vivid discussion on influencers and how to best make use of them in the Wine Industry. This is a trending topic worldwide, and a lot of brands are at a loss or have been scarred from previous experiences with so-called ‘influencers.’ In a time where we find ourselves amidst a global pandemic; marketing and correct expenditure of said budget is of uttermost importance.


Printer Ink Costs 10 Times More Than Vintage Champagne

Ink for home printers is ten times more expensive than vintage Champagne and many cartridges say they are empty long before they are, according to an investigation by Which? magazine.


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