These Elite Bottles Of Wine Are So Exclusive, You Can’€™t Just Buy Them

Certain rare bottlings from big-name wineries are available only to members of clubs or to people who show up and know to ask. Here are some worth hunting down—and a pro tip: Be nice.


Blanc De Blancs To The Fore In The Prescient Cap Classique Report 2021

The second annual Cap Classique Report convened by and sponsored by multinational financial services company Prescient is now out. There were 83 entries received from 43 producers and these were tasted blind (labels out of sight) by a three-person panel, scoring done according to the 100-point quality scale.


Red Wine: Benefits More Than Harm

Is a glass of wine a day good or bad? I’m sure more than once you’ve heard that one glass of wine a day is good for your health. But what is this statement completely true? In this article, we will discuss this habit to see if alcohol is actually recommended every day.


The Top 8 Gifts For Wine Lovers

If you are looking to buy a gift for the wine lover in your life, you might think that a bottle of wine is your only option. Not true! Here are eight of the best gifts that make perfect presents for wine lovers and afficionados and can suit a range of budgets. Whether you are looking for something cheap and cheerful or a bit high end, this list is a great jumping off point.


The Strange Volcanic Vineyards Of The Canary Islands Will Blow Your Mind

The wines made from the vineyards grown on the Canary Islands are world-famous. Many famous wine lovers have mused over the wines made from the grapes of the volcanic vineyards. Some might argue that the hot and humid climate of the islands might not seem conducive to grape growing and produce quality wines. Add volcanic activity, extreme winds and storms to the mix and we can agree that these conditions don’t exactly make for the ideal winemaking environment. Surprisingly enough, the Canary Islands produce fantastic and fascinating wines and unusual vistas unlike any other wine region on planet earth.


Top Winery In Canada Plans On Building Massive Entertainment Area To Host Post-pandemic Events

A popular winery overlooking Okanagan Lake in Kelowna, B.C., wants to hold major events in the post-pandemic world, catering for up to 700 people.


Steamed Mussels In A Creamy Lemongrass Sauce Paired With Rietvallei Classic Sauvignon Blanc

Try this easy-to-make Steamed Mussels in a Creamy Lemongrass Sauce recipe, paired with our Rietvallei Classic Sauvignon Blanc 2020.


How To Keep The Wine In Your Glass Chilled Constantly

Vino lovers know that keeping wine chilled in your glass is an art form. The stem of the glass is designed to keep the warmth of your hands from touching the bowl, so you don’t warm up the wine faster.

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Discover The Best Alcohol Gifts In 2021

Do you want to give a gift of a drink to a wine or beer enthusiast in 2021 and don’t know where to start? Actually, this kind of person is quite simple to please with your gift as there are many options to go through. In general, a wine lover will appreciate your gift whether it is something of their preference or even if it is something new for them to try.


Where To Stay In The Wine Capital Of India

Whether it’s wine-tasting, grape stomping or vineyard tours—you don’t have to go too far to experience the best of wines in India. A few hours drive from Mumbai and Pune leads you to these beautiful stays in Nashik where every hour is happy hour.


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