Top 10 Most Viewed DrinksFeed Articles, Ever.

These are the top ten most viewed articles on DrinksFeed since 7 January 2010, when we first hooked up the site to Google Analytics.


Weeds between the Vines

This time of year is all about prolific growth – and that’s certainly true of weeds.

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South African Wines Removed From Danish Shelves After Heinemann Documentary

A documentary by sensationalist journalist, Tom Heinemann,  titled “Bitter grapes – Slavery in the vineyards”,  is currently shaking-up the South African wine industry.


Tuscan Wineries Cover for Cocaine Ring

Drug-related arrests in the Tuscan town of Montalcino include three winery workers and the general manager of a winery.


Alfred Hitchcock`s Vineyard

When movie director Alfred Hitchcock needed to escape all the drama of Hollywood in the 1940s, he headed for the serenity of the Santa Cruz Mountains.


Wine Maker’s Tweet Nearly Costs Liquor License

SACRAMENTO – Simple tweets are causing some trouble for some local vintners and brewers who wanted to get the word out about a Sacramento event.


5 Under-the-Radar American Wine Regions You Need to Visit

Napa Valley: If you’re a wine lover and a travel lover, you’ve been there, done that…possibly many times over.


Jay-Z Acquires Luxury Champagne Brand Armand de Brignac

In his song, “Young Forever,” Jay-Z envisions a life where “you never get old and the Champagne’s always cold.” He may not be able to do much about aging, but he may be able to help with the chilled bubbly.


Robot farmers are the future of agriculture, says government

UK farming conference hears how ‘farmbots’ will bring efficiencies and benefits and an end to back-breaking tasks


Discover Spier on a Segway this holiday season

Whether you find yourself on holiday in the Western Cape or just looking for something to do that will be memorable enough to share at your next board meeting.