Stressed mums turning to wine after the school run

Mothers are replacing a cup of tea after the school run with a glass of wine, alcohol charities warn, as they say the ‘Bridget Jones generation’ is set in its ways.

Stressed mothers are increasingly turning to wine after the school run, according to a report which suggests parents with children at home are the most likely to have a drink problem.

Experts warned of an emerging “drinking culture” among mothers, with growing numbers replacing a cup of tea after school with a glass of wine.

The research backed by Alcohol Concern found that parents with children still living at home were far more likely to have high scores on questionnaires about their drinking patterns.

The survey of 1,250 adults classed them into four categories, depending on their alcohol habits.
Those who had children living at home were the most likely to drink heavily.

Among those with the most worrying patterns – classed as “possible dependent” – 54 per cent were parents with children living at home.