Studies Show Drinking Coffee Before Wine Will Reduce Hangover

Red wine and coffee are my two favorite beverages, hands down.

There’s nothing I enjoy more than a steamy cup of joe in the morning and a glass or two of Pinot Noir at night.

But I never knew the two could complement each other… until now. Praise the freakin’ lord, my friends: It’s been reported drinking coffee before you have wine will ease your agonizing hangovers.

How’s that for a caffeine buzz?

It’s true: Coffee before wine, and you’ll be feelin’ just fine. (I made that up. Don’t laugh.)

Before I clue you in, let’s take a quick lesson on the attributes of red wine that make you feel so damn shitty.

There are three major offenders that cause your headache after you drink one too many glasses of wine: tannins, sugar and histamines. Tannins are the natural compounds born in grapes that cause your dry mouth when you’re drinking wine, while histamines cause headaches after being released in our bodies when we consume aged food and drinks (again, like red wine).