Stumptown Coffee Collaborates with Iggy Pop, The Godfather Of Punk

Punk is in the bones of Portland’s Stumptown Coffee. They are, after all, the only coffee brand we are aware of that has their own skateboarding team, a team that is more Thrasher than Tony Hawk Pro Skater. So when Stumptown decides to collaborate with a musician, it should come as no surprise when they seek out a legend of the American punk world. And that’s exactly what they did their newest special addition coffee, the Indonesia Bies Penantan, created in cooperation with none other than King Stooge himself Iggy Pop.

For those unfamiliar with the musical stylings of Iggy Pop—a man who never met a shirt he couldn’t not put on—you may know him for his rather prolific acting career, including a vignette alongside Tom Waits in Jim Jarsuch’s aptly-named Coffee and Cigarettes, or what’s more likely, you recognize him as Curve from The Crow: City of Angels, one of the greatest movies of our age and I’ll hear nothing to the contrary. He’s been nominated for multiple Grammy’s (and a Razzie), he influenced generations of musicians, and even served as the basis for Ewan McGregor’s character in Velvet Goldmine. And now he’s lending his influence to coffee.