Subtle Tweak of Rietvallei’s very familiar Classic Range Packaging

The Rietvallei Estate Classic Range of Wine was the first range bottled under the Estate label. The packaging has changed a couple of times since the first Muscadel was bottled in 1975. Johnny Burger was even contacted by a member of the Spanish Royal Family regarding a crest that was apparently theirs on our first label. When Rietvallei Estate broke away from The Bergkelder in the early 2000’s, we had to look at creating our own brand identity with new packaging. Consumers and the Trade have always been very positive and complimentary on the presentation of a Rietvallei Estate Wine and the perception it creates just by looking at it.

cabs Subtle Tweak of Rietvalleis very familiar Classic Range Packaging

Rietvallei Cabernet Sauvignon old and new packaging

Quality, Class, Expensive and Trust is words often used when they describe our wines. We didn’t want to change the look of our Classic Range, but felt it needed a tweak. The Ivory/Ecru White is more prominent which gives the wine a younger, fresher look and feel, but still gives the perception of quality and class. We also opted for lighter-weight green bottles to show our commitment and support in lowering our Carbon Footprint and the Green cause.

savr Subtle Tweak of Rietvalleis very familiar Classic Range Packaging

Rietvallei Sauvignon Blanc old and new packaging

“The Retail Market has become more and more important and you have to be visible to the consumer, without looking cheap and cheerful on the shelf. With this new packaging our wines definitely has more shelf presence. Although these wines are not in Supermarkets, we need to stand out wherever the wine is sold. Colour in packaging plays a huge role and we feel that this tweak enhances our ‘look’ without losing any credibility or loyal consumers,” says Marketing Manager, Colyn Truter.

We would like to know your opinion on this so please go to our FB page, rietvalleiestate, or send your opinion on twitter: @rietvalleiwines. Your feedback will be greatly appreciated. Look out for the wines at your nearest Tops, Ultra Liquors or Makro stores and other Independent Retailers.