Sundrenched feasts at Catharina’s with Chef Garth

Catharina’s has an inspired, refreshing new Summer Menu on offer, which revels in the abundance of fresh seasonal produce available in Steenberg’s surrounds in the summer months.

We chatted to Catharina’s Executive Chef, Garth Almazan, about the special summer feast he devised for the Summer Menu:

What inspired the new menu?

Garth: As always, the menu has fresh, seasonal produce and simplicity at its core. The menu has been “de-cluttered” to suit the new, streamlined look of Catharina’s, and each dish allows the quality and character of its ingredients to really shine through.

Which dish do you think “stands out” on the menu?

Garth: It’s hard to pick just one! For starters, the Burrata with Tomato Poppers are a hit, and the Marron Risotto is also delicious. Risotto seems to be becoming a signature for me.

How would you describe the Summer Menu as a whole?

Garth: Some of my dishes speak of wholesome comfort food, with a contemporary twist. Steenberg’s dictum has always been about honouring a “Contemporary Heritage”, meaning that we embrace the past but keep things current with a fresh and innovative attitude. That’s exactly what the new menu does – there are a few old classics, but they’ve been jazzed up a bit.

Are there any summer cooking trends you’re following this summer?

Garth: There’s nothing trendier than quality and simplicity. My own trend is to keep things simple and let the best produce do all the talking.

What is your favourite wine to cook or pair with at the moment?

Garth: Definitely the Steenberg Nebbiolo. The earthy notes of the Nebbiolo, as well as its excellent acidity, open up many opportunities for pairing. This wine goes well with mushrooms, truffle oil and earthy dishes.

Do you prefer winter or summertime cooking?

Garth: I love to cook no matter what the weather is like! But, having said that, there’s so much freshness and colour to summer cooking, and so much produce is at its very best in the summer.

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