Sunshine, with a 100% Chance of Chenin

South Africa is renowned for its continual ability to produce top quality Chenin Blanc and have won numerous awards world wine. And we simply cannot imagine a better summer wine than a chilled glass of Chenin. So, we have decided to name it our white varietal of choice for 2014.

Jan Van Riebeeck introduced the first vines to the Cape in 1655. Steen first came to prominence in the first half of the twentieth century as a base for South African brandy. In the 1960′s, Lieberstein, a semi-sweet blend of Steen and Clairette Blanche, enjoyed phenomenal success.

It was, for a while, the world’s bestselling single brand of wine. At a different level, but just as spectacular, Nederburg Edelkeur, a Chenin Blanc Noble Late Harvest, provided ample evidence of the quality that Chenin Blanc can deliver.

Many wine drinkers tend to buy wine for immediate enjoyment. Fresh young Chenin Blanc wines answer this call admirably. These wines have seductive fresh fruit and delicate floral aromas and a host of fruit salad flavours, sometimes apple or melon, apricot, guava and pineapple, all backed by firm, crisp, natural acidity that make Chenin Blanc wines so perfectly balanced.