Superstitions And Drinking Cultures Are A Reality In Some Countries

Drinking games are one thing, but there are certain places in the world where there are some rules you have to follow if you want to enjoy a drink and not get cursed.

Every bar has it’s own drinking culture and every city has it’s own quirks when it comes to alcohol, but did you know that when you enjoy a cold one in some countries you might have to do it according to a specific ritual.

So if you’re having a drink in certain parts of the Czech Republic a toast must include eye-contact with your fellow drinkers, no interlinking arms and no spilled drink. Failure to correctly follow these instructions will lead to seven years bad sex.

This ritual has trickled down to South Africa though, because the fear of bad sex is taken very seriously!

In Russia there is a custom that if a drinker arrives late they must drink a full glass (the ‘punishment’ drink). And in some remote parts of Russia a man who spills his vodka must jump in the nearest river and return walking backwards. Thats a ritual that is really not recommended.