Sweet Summer Pairings for Kids at Perdeberg Cellars

During this upcoming summer season, Perdeberg Cellars will be offering food and drink pairings to both adults and kids alike; only, the kid’s pairings will be of a much different nature; sweet and creative.

Kids visiting Perdeberg Cellar with family over the next few months will be able to experience sweet indulgences paired with refreshing drinks; with textures ranging from crunchy and crumbly to smooth and creamy. Delights include bite-size nibbles of treats such as biscuits, fruit juices and milkshakes.

The kids pairing includes:

  • Flavoured milk paired with a ‘decorate-yourself-biscuit’
  • Fruit juice paired with sugar-coated watermelon sweets
  • Ice Tea paired with some speckled eggs or dried fruit pieces.

So take the kids out for a day in the sunshine and give them the opportunity to savour and experience these delicious and well-planned pairings. All flavour combinations complement each other perfectly; which is exactly what Perdeberg Cellar is renowned for.

Booking essential. Cost R40.00 per child/pairing

For more information contact Dani at 021 869 8244 or Dani@perdeberg.co.za